Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let's open these boxes!!

I walked into the shop yesterday and found Pam giddy with excitement! The famous, fabulous Stitch Poet Trunk Show arrived. Now let me say, Champagne and I are dear friends so I am a bit biased but jeez....this girl is completely talented! The Big Chip Bag is knitted beautifully but there's more....Champ adds wooden dowels, cabinet pulls from Anthropologie (no less) and a little leather trim & handles. Wow...I want this bag....think Champ would miss it? :) I invite you all to come by and take a look at the Stitch Poet creations while they are with us for a couple of weeks!

Pam artfully placed the collection throughout the shop. Of course, we have the patterns and yarn ready for you! So the only problem you might have is deciding on which design to choose or how many!

Today, Randy (favorite UPS guy...handsome too), brought in two more boxes! in the yarn shop! First, our order from The Nantucket Bag Company. These clever bags are every knitter's must-have bag: the workhorse bag for those who are serious about yarn.

And.....drum roll please.....Jordana Paige's new Rio bag color "Blue Lapis" arrived today. Better grab this one before it goes home with me. ;)
See you soon!

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