Monday, June 30, 2008

My Favorite Summer Shirt

I know the shop is closed this week, but I just had to show all of you this shirt. I've made a lot of shirts this summer, as you all have seen. But this one is, by far, my favorite. The pattern is Picovoli by Grumperina and the yarn in Waikiki by Crystal Palace Yarns. I had been in love with the colorway for a long time and was searching for what it wanted to be. I'm very happy with the finished project.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sasha is DONE!

There are quite of few of you who have seen me working on some part of this skirt. I am very happy to say that Sasha is done and I am thrilled with the result. If you'd like to see it in person, I'll proudly be wearing her at the shop tomorrow as I work all day. Hope you have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Celebrities at Market

What a day! We've each been starstruck by different knitting celebrities. We're pretending to be best friends. Jo and Louisa, Belva and Cat, Susan and Lily....first name basis!

Today we scanned the yarn market floor and made several terrific purchases for the shop. We are yarn drunk with excitement!! Can't wait for you guys to see the goods which are scheduled to arrive in July, August and September.

Here we are...proud as punch with our new found friends!

Louisa Harding taught a fun and creative class on knitting a summer bag.

Belva, Cat Bordhi and me returning from our luncheon with guest speaker....Stephanie Pearl McPhee!! What a fun girl she is!!

Jo and Melissa Leapman, aka queen of cables, talking together after a clever reversible scarf class.

Last AND least is Maria....visiting shop dog for Knitter's Mercantile here in Columbus. Had to check out the LYS you know!
Now we're off to plan our strategy for tomorrow. By the way....Martini Man still works at the restaurant/bar that Ann Marie and I visited last year. Ann Marie.... he's still pretty cute!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's Show Time!!

The girls and I packed up this morning and hit the road. We arrived in sunny Columbus around 4pm after traveling through the beautiful Virginia and West Virginia countryside and battling a couple of thunderstorms.

After checking in to our hotel we promptly screwed the top off of some wine, had a glass in our corner room and relaxed a while before heading out to dinner at The Elevator (thought of you, Ann Marie!!). The Elevator is a unique restaurant here in Columbus. In the early 1900's it served as a pool hall and cigar bar. Above the bar area is a bird cage. Not like Sky Birdie's cage but a second floor balcony which served as a showcase for the ladies of the night! I tried to get a picture but the lights were low and my camera couldn't capture the moment!

My meal was not only delicious it was beautiful! Tuna with sliced almonds and house wasabi and hot sauce. Yummmm!!
Tomorrow we are sleeping in a bit then we'll brew some of Belva's freshly roasted coffee and off we go!! First to register for the Broadway Show of Yarn (TNNA), then off to check out the Columbus LYS's and then....who knows! Classes start Friday and the market opens on Saturday.

Here's to all you fun girls!! Wish you were here!