Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome Jojoland!

Melody by Jojoland arrived as expected! Along with two beautiful shop samples: the Swirl Shawl (amazing!) and the Dragon Melody Shawl (exquisite!). I've enjoyed wearing these around the shop this week. Stop by and try them on yourself!!

The good news....the Dragon Melody Shawl may be made for less than $100 (yarn, pattern and needles)!

The Swirl Shawl is constructed in one piece (whew) so there's no sewing small swirls together.

Melody is a 100% superwash wool, variegated in a fingering weight. Perfect for shawls, scarves, wraps and yup...SOCKS! Balls are put up in 50gms, 220 yds and recommended needle size is US 1-3 giving you 7-8 sts per inch. Cost: $6.75 per ball.

Hope you love this yarn as much as I do!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Yarn Arrivals!

Two BIG boxes from Plymouth arrived today, full of new yarns perfect for your spring and summer projects!

Linen Isle is a spring yarn using the fiber of the season (that would be linen, of course) blended with cotton. I can see this yarn used for everything from sleeveless tops to skirts to shoulder bags. The colors are all soft and natural to show off the beauty of the linen.

Happy Feet is Plymouth's brand new sock yarn. It looks like a handpaint, but cheaper! Superwash Merino/ Nylon, fingering weight, bold, beautiful colors. Whats not to love?

But the star of the show has got to be Shire Silk. This 100% silk yarn has an incredible tweedy texture that you really need to see in person. So come on over, take a seat on the red couch, and check out all the new goodies!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Erin Rocked her Dye Pot at Knit Picky! And shook a tail feather, too!!

Erin politely offered to help, so we put her to work right away trying to pull apart a vintage (old) table that was bolted together.

Wow! What fun we had with Erin. Thanks to you, we've decided to dye yarn more often and to hold more classes in our Dye Kitchen.

Whoo Hooo this was fun!

Believe it or not, this actually turned out pretty!

Shanna's "Yarn Cinna-bon". No picture of was brown and green...looked kinda like the baggies you use after your dog walks!

It's intense....trying to determine your intensity!!

Amazing colorway! Love it.
We did have time to laugh and listed to stories.

Pleased as punch!

Me and E!

So long, MamaE!! We miss you and are looking forward to our Baltimore trip next May.

Friday, March 7, 2008

MamaE Visits Knit Picky Today!

A yarn celebrity flies into NC today! We have a full workshop and are thrilled to have Erin Taylor Bell visit us. She is packing LOTS of new hand-dyed yarn and designer project bags especially for Knit Picky. These will be available for sale on TUESDAY, March 11th! (You know....the workshop/pajama girls get first dibs on the new goodies but don't worry....she's bringing plenty for all!)

See her WS post here...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not quite as bare, but still sleeveless!

Can you tell I'm ready for summer? I am loving the idea of all these tops that I'm going to have ready for the warm weather. Here's a picture of #2 -

I'm really happy with the way it came out. It is made from Tartelette from Knit One, Crochet Two. There is a book called Hot Knits which has the pattern I used AND I did follow the pattern to the letter this least I'm pretty sure I did. I'm going to bring it into the shop until warm weather comes. I hope to see everyone this weekend. I'll be around Friday morning and Saturday I'll be dyeing during the day and in my PJ's that night!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Books & Gadgets Arrive at the Shop

I got out of the house and visited the shop today for the first time since surgery. As always, I found it cute, cozy and in good hands!! Kim, Laura and Ann Marie got my back! What a fun few hours at the shop.

So today...we received a box of books (with a second box on the way) and some nifty knitting gadgets. There are new books and some olden goldies. Here are pictures of a few..stop by the shop to see them all!


Saturday, March 1, 2008


Yep, what I thought was eating too much fiber turned out to be acute appendicitis.

My squiggly went bad and had to be removed Thursday night around 10pm. With my troops by my side, I had surgery, went thru recovery and around midnight and was tucked into a private room. Too groggy to knit but too wired from anesthesia to sleep.... I pulled an all nighter with mom in room 2206! I think we got caught up on all of the big issues: politics, religion, health and fitness, drugs and how they do come in handy sometimes. Problems all solved. :)

I got home Friday afternoon and slept like a baby last night. Steve is a great snuggle buddy. The good I.V. is out of my right arm and I can knit again! I am feeling much better and it only hurts when I sit, stand or laugh!!

The doc says I cannot drive for a week-not sure why-so the girls are pulling together at the shop and covering for me. I think I would feel better knitting on the red couch, with people around me, instead of staying home by myself, don't you think? That's what I'm gonna tell Steve next week.

So for now, I'm taking the pain meds as prescribed, resting, avoiding thinking about nausea because it seems like it might be a problem if I go there, and knitting when my I can. I hope to be in tip-top shape for Erin's visit (Mama E) and can't wait for the pajama party!

Oh....I asked Dr. Berger to do a little extra while he was there so here's a picture of my new belly-(Thelma, Louise...don't be jealous)

See ya'll soon!