Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Big Hint for our Guess the Holiday Sock Yarn Contest

Our guessing game continues without a winner. You are to send in your guess for the name of the colorway for our Holiday Sock Yarn 2009. So far, some very close guesses but not the exact name!

As promised, with no correct answer by Thanksgiving, I'm giving you a big hint. The name is a holiday character.

Best way to guess is by email to but a post here works, too!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boxes and Boxes delivered today!

Guess what arrived today??!!?? Yup....our new tees. We've pulled the pre-orders so they are safely waiting on you. And we have lots more!! Red w/gray, Gray w/black, Gray w/pink, Brown w/pink and Pink w/brown.

If you want one in your size & color but can't get here this week, give us a call. We'll hook you up! These Bella design tees are the same ones from last year and are very comfortable!

Also arriving:
  • New "Handmade" tags to attach to your holiday knitted gift. Soooooo cute! Why didn't we come up with this idea?
  • Knitterella's precious knitting themed note cards.
  • Books, books and more books.
  • HPSY (code for Harry Potter Sock Yarn!!) Finally.....wheee....we love this yarn. You know the company had a flood in the summer and several shops were told "sorry" you won't be getting any HPSY. We got some, not 10 per colorway but 4 in each color...hey, we'll take it!

Last but not least:

BERROCO!!! New yarns for fall/winter 2008! We are planning to do a Yarn Tasting for this batch as they have several new yarns. We won't have these three boxes open for KN but all the others will be available. (we may be able to sneak a peek)

Happy Wednesday!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holiday Sock Yarn ' a Free skein!

Once again, we have a wonderful Holiday Sock Yarn arriving in December. It will be unveiled (or unwrapped) at our Holiday Party on Dec 7th. After that, it will be available in the shop.

Each year as the weather cools, I think about a colorway, an Indie dyer, an idea and get input from others. And now….we have a terrific Holiday Sock Yarn 08 coming soon!
And again, we are having a guessing game! Do you feel lucky? Are you clever? Can you be impulsive?? If you’re the first to get it right, you win a free skein!!

Send your guesses to me at If we don’t have a winner by Thanksgiving, I’ll throw you a bone and send out a hint!

Gook Luck!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Lights

My mom is giving me an early Christmas gift. She is having the shop decorated with white twinkle lights! I'm as excited as a kid during the holidays.

The lights might be done by Tuesday night but I know they'll be ready for Wednesday's Knit Night!! Aaahhh....the thrill of the holidays....thinking with my kid mind (not my adult/recession mind). I close my eyes and I'm having visions of a magical gingerbread house filled with yarn shop sugarplum fairies! Then may end up looking like The Griswold Family Yarn Shop.....we'll see! Maybe they'll see us from Stratford Road. Maybe from Hanes Mall. Wow....I can really relate to Clark!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New! Undyed Baby Alpaca

Cascade has a new yarn out and it just arrived in the shop. Eco Alpaca is a great, soft yarn and for around $8 you get 220 yards! The gauge is 5/inch on US 7, hand wash, lay flat to dry.

A perfect yarn for Christmas scarves or shawls. And especially good for guys since it is undyed....right of the the colors they seem to like. Stop in and pet the yarn. We've sold several skeins as we opened the box!

Another new yarn in (which is dyed in beautiful colors) is Plymouth's Baby Alpaca Lace! 100% baby alpaca, comes in 437 yd skeins and feels like a dream. We have several shades in the shop ranging from the neutrals to beautiful navy, green & red!!