Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wag more, bark less

This morning, I am reading an article about small businesses in The New York Times Small Business page.

In the article, I learned about a site called The article encouraged business owners to seek out customer review sites (i.e. and respond to them. If they are good, then send a thanks. If they are not so good, then try to resolve the problem and usually the poster will update their review. I go to I was surprised to find 3 Knit Picky reviews. And very pleased that they were good! The first was posted in Jan 2008 (now there's a savvy computer girl knitter!). The others were in 09 and I and thank all of you for posting about the shop.

One reviewer said they didn't get help as fast as they wanted even though the person behind the counter wasn't busy. I'm wondering if this was me, maybe deep in thought trying to figure out how to blog! Another reviewer stated she goes to Knit Picky whenever she cannot find something online. can we reverse that to say....I shop at Knit Picky all the time, supporting my local business economy, and when I cannot find what I want there then I shop online. But the overall impression I got was positive and that's terrific!!

The NYT article also said to encourage your blogging customers to blog about the shop they have grown to love. Positive energy travels fast in cyberspace. And anytime you have problems or suggestions or good, kind words, I encourage you to share them with me. Email me at I think about customer input when I make shop decisions and I appreciate your input!

Wanna see this site? Here's the link so you may visit It really is an interesting site but I wish the name was (positive doggie spin vs negative doggie spin) Aahaa!! Guess what? There is a - check out their website. They have coasters with cute dog faces! I just requested some for the shop.

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