Monday, July 21, 2008

Gardiner Yarn Works Designs

After meeting Chrissy at market and seeing her designs, I knew we should have her patterns in the shop. The patterns arrived and include lots of sock designs, lace patterns, sweater patterns in regular and plus sizes, and a cute "collegiate style" kid sweater!!

Oooohh...and we're the only NC shop listed as retailers for Chrissy's patterns. Whee!! Check out the whole pattern line here.

Come by the shop and check them out....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Christmas in July

We have a beautiful display of hand knit Christmas Stockings in the shop. The kits range from $40 to $88 and include a pattern, quality yarn and embelishments. Since opening the shop, I've heard excellent reviews about these kits and I'm very pleased with our first order. Plus, they are a North Carolina company!

I hope you'll stop in and see them. A few of you have expressed an interest in a project class for the stockings since they require colorwork or intarsia. We'd love to do this!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Not exactly on topic...

What do you get when you mix together rhinestone, blinking tiaras, a couple bottles (or more) of champagne and some of the sexiest knitters around?

Way too much fun, thats what. More photos on Laura's blog.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mission: Clean the Clutter

I'll have to say, being closed to clean and reorganize was not that much fun! I missed open knit night. I missed seeing my customer friends. I missed Randy and Marcus delivering those fun brown and blue & white boxes. I'll admit, I'm a pack-rat. Always thinking I might need something later. So I stuff it behind something only to not remember where it is when I DO in fact need it. Or never think of it again (more like it).

Anyhoo....with the help of lots of people (Steve, Susan, Belva, Pat, Zana, Tiffany and Mom) the shop is looking smashing! The sale bin is full, the yarn room has some spaces ready for new arrivals, and the wall of hand-dyed yarn still makes me stop and stare. Really pretty.

I'm trying to create an inviting ambiance in the kitchen so we can spill over on Knit Nights and not feel like we're banished to the kids table. We found a pair of cute white wrought iron chairs, covered in popping pink, that remind me of 50's ice cream parlor chairs. I like them.

So...I can't wait to see all of you. To hear what you've been up to and to show off our new found space. Thanks for understanding and being patient about the closing. Bring in your projects to show off. Remember, Ice Cream Social this Wednesday-bring your favorite topping.

Happy Knitting!!