Friday, May 4, 2007

Laura's there and I'm not!

But I am glad that one of us is there. Where you ask?

At the 34th Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

Laura left today for Maryland with "more yarn than clothes", she said. And she'll be scoping out some vendors for Knit Picky.

After hearing numerous customer requests for spinning and dyeing supplies, I've decided that Knit Picky should have that stuff! The recent spinning workshop was filled to the brim. And the upcoming Felted Sheep class has filled up as well. Seems we've got more that a few people as intrigued as I am.

Come by next week to see what goodies Laura brings back. We'll have samplings from various vendors and we'd love to hear what you think!

In addition, Ann Marie and I are going to market soon and the shop will be adding Louet Sales as a new vendor. Louet sells beautiful spinning wheels so if you're in the market, keep that in mind. We'll be glad to order one for you!
Happy Knitting, ya'll, and remember the Southeast Animal Fiber Fair, in Asheville, rolls around the last weekend in October and I will be there!!


Laura said...

I made it! We (my mom and I) just arrived at the hotel. I have internet access here so I will try to post some pictures and stories tomorrow evening. The festival starts in the morning and runs till Sunday afternoon. Right now we are looking through the information booklet trying to pick out what we can't miss. I am looking forward to buying roving for the shop, looking at hand painted sock yarns and shopping for dyes. And I know I might have to buy myself an early graduation present (or 2!)if something catches my eye. Check back in Saturday night for my next update!

Elke said...

This is such wonderful news, since my wheel will be here soon! I can't wait to see what L & J pick out for the shop!