Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet Knitter from Sugar Loaf

Met a fabulous lady visiting from Sugar Loaf, NY.  Have never heard of this town but think it's the cutest sounding town ever.  And from the way she described it, it is a special place....a cute, artistic, beautiful town. (see link here).  I should remember her name but I'm terrible with new names. Dang, sorry about that!  

So she's in for some Ozark yarn and has a cute hat pattern in mind, but we are currently out of stock in Ozark. idea came to her after perusing the shop. A clever idea of creating her own funky-farm yarn!  See the jar of hand dyed curly locks and the hand-spun?

She promised to send us a photo!! Or maybe we should go visit Sugar Loaf.  ;)


Suzi said...

Im from Wickham village just a stones throw away- I grew up in Warwick. Sugar Loaf always has been adorable and very cleverly crafty!!

Knit Picky said...

Neat!! Wickham Village...another cute sounding place. I may just have to put that on my places to visit list. Thanks for your post. :)