Monday, February 14, 2011

Newest Knitting Group

Don't you love seeing newbie knitters?  Their excitement is contagious!  They gingerly touch the fibers, they pet and squeeze, and they oooohhh and ahhhhh over the yarns.  And with our experience and love of fiber, we know what they are in for and how much fun they'll have!  Aaahhhh, it warms my heart!!

I enjoyed meeting this group.  You guys are in very capable teaching hands.  Look forward to seeing you, and your projects, soon.
Happy Knitting!

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Jessica Phillips said...

Hi Jo:

Thank you so much for showing us around Knit Picky. Ann has talked about your shop to us for awhile now and it's wonderful. We are very excited about working on our braided cowl scarfs and a couple of the ladies have moved up to start knitting a sweater. I can absolutely say that I LOVE and look foward to getting together with this lovely ladies to knit. I'm not sure if Ann had time to tell you but we've finally come up with a name. You may know call us "Chicks with Sticks"! haha :-) Thanks again and I know that you will be seeing us again very soon, Kim