Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You might have noticed we were closed this past weekend. Inventory is a reality for every retail store. I will be the first to tell you no one REALLY enjoys it. For us as Knit Picky, we would rather be open, knitting and spending time with our friends like you. You are probably wondering why I told you all of this. Susan and I were in charge of counting patterns. I work here and I had NO idea how many patterns Jo has in the cabinet. I saw designers that I didn't even know we carried. There are beautiful patterns for everything and anything you could want to make. This realization inspired me because if I didn't know what we had, I doubt you do. I have put out 6 patterns with yarn suggestions. My hope is that every 2 weeks, I'll change it and display new patterns with yarn suggestions. The options are endless. Now, I just have to find a way to add more hours to my day for all these patterns that I want to knit.

Happy New Year to all - I hope to see you soon.


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