Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boxes and Boxes delivered today!

Guess what arrived today??!!?? Yup....our new tees. We've pulled the pre-orders so they are safely waiting on you. And we have lots more!! Red w/gray, Gray w/black, Gray w/pink, Brown w/pink and Pink w/brown.

If you want one in your size & color but can't get here this week, give us a call. We'll hook you up! These Bella design tees are the same ones from last year and are very comfortable!

Also arriving:
  • New "Handmade" tags to attach to your holiday knitted gift. Soooooo cute! Why didn't we come up with this idea?
  • Knitterella's precious knitting themed note cards.
  • Books, books and more books.
  • HPSY (code for Harry Potter Sock Yarn!!) Finally.....wheee....we love this yarn. You know the company had a flood in the summer and several shops were told "sorry" you won't be getting any HPSY. We got some, not 10 per colorway but 4 in each color...hey, we'll take it!

Last but not least:

BERROCO!!! New yarns for fall/winter 2008! We are planning to do a Yarn Tasting for this batch as they have several new yarns. We won't have these three boxes open for KN but all the others will be available. (we may be able to sneak a peek)

Happy Wednesday!


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