Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Knit Night!

Last night was so much fun!! We had our annual Halloween Knit Night at Knit Picky. We choose to stay inside this year because we are divas and hate to be cold.

So the few who dressed up..we thank you! You added spice to the night. The official vote for best costume was cast for one of three: the witch, the stitch and the bi*&h.

Sarah the witch won. Whoo Hooo! She was wearing black and white stripped stockings, dark smokey eye shadow, all black clothing and pointed witches shoes (which were actually covers for her black pumps.....clever). Her prize? A box of Dove Chocolate that she didn't have to share with others. Yeah Sarah.

The stitch was our very own Kim. She had multiple UFO's on her body....part of a sweater, a scarf, even a bit of a sock around her ankle. Also very clever. It was a close vote, Tiffany said. Maybe we should have voted for most creative, too!!

And the bi*&h....well Laurie is too funny. I guess as Halloween ghost and goblins and brides of Frankenstein go, the bi*&h would translate to the "Miss Congeniality" of the spooky night bunch! So Laurie...congrats to you....Miss Spooky Congeniality!

Of course we had more food than our usual knit nights. Mom made her yummy Taco Stew and Jalapeno Cornbread. Belva brought a pot of delicious Chicken Chili. Several ladies added more treats: cornbread muffins, wine, nuts, wine, Dewey's rolls, more wine, apple cider, chips & snacks & chocolate cupcakes, and wine.

Thank you all for being there!!


Kim M said...

I demand a re-count!

Laura said...

I want to see pictures!

Knit Picky said... is possible that we had a few hanging chads or multiple votes. Pat was in charge of voting so anything's possible!

And, of course, your camera batteries are always DEAD when you need them most! So we don't have pictures to share, sorry.