Tuesday, January 15, 2008

LM Needles

After having a few defective needles returned in the past few weeks, we called Lantern Moon to see what was up.

The nice folks there tell us they had a problem with this last batch of needles-made in Vietnam, the wood shrank when going from the warm, moist climate to their cold, dry climate. As usual, they responded quickly with replacements. This is a nice company and we want to give them a chance to correct a problem.

So for now, we are returning our circular LM's and will get the new and improved version. They have upgraded their connections so this shouldn't happen in the future. For those of you who love LM, hold tight.....we will soon have them back on the shelves. AND....if you have any come apart please return them to us. We'll get you a replacement a.s.a.p!!

BTW....do you have a line of needles you'd like to see in the shop? We want to add another line this summer and would like to know what you guys like (and want)!?!

Thanks & Happy Knitting,

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