Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What a Weekend!!

Chris Bylsma and the gang at Knit Picky ate, played and were merry all weekend!! So many fun participants joined us for our first workshop led by this nationally know instructor. Thanks for your support! We'll post all our pictures on the website are a few to see now.

And yes, Chris eats grits (lots of grits)!!

Crayon Box knitters busily designing their unique squares and color themes...

We learned new techniques: designing buttons and closures for sweaters; the famous Crayon Box pattern and fiber selection; and numerous professional finishing tips and tricks. Have we started some new projects? You betcha'!!

Look at that spread!!! Yummm....

Thanks, Belva and Susan, for the delicious meals, snacks, and punch!

And thanks, Chris, for a terrific workshop!! Hurry back to see us!


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