Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sew and Celebrate!

Tomorrow is our monthly charity knitting night meeting, and its also Laura's birthday!

We have a bunch of Warm up America blocks that we knit that still need to be joined together to make afghans so bring your tapestry needles. And if you don't know how to seam blocks together, don't worry. We will teach you. And don't be afraid, this isn't like sewing a sweater together-- the yarn is fluffy and forgiving and the seams are all straight! Its getting quite cold out there and there are many people in our community who could benefit from a warm blanket knit with love.

So come on over to Knit Picky from 6-8pm on Monday, Nov 19th to celebrate Laura's birthday and sew some blocks together. Otherwise Laura is going to spend her birthday sewing blocks together alone, and we can't have that!

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