Thursday, February 15, 2007


Welcome to our new blog! Lately we have had so much exciting news to share with everyone that we decided it was time to create a blog. This way you can check in whenever you want and see if we have any new yarns or classes or other exciting news! If you leave us a comment please leave your name (or a pretend internet name) so that when we see you in the shop we will know who you are!


Knit Picky said...

To leave a message just click on "comment" We would love to hear what you think about the shop, suggestions for yarns and classes, or updates on your own projects!

wabbitmom said...

Yeay!! I'm the first one to post a comment. I am such a blog-o-holic and have already added this to my favorites. Great look and I'm certain it will become a very popular site for us locals and others in the blog-o-sphere. The Blue Sky Alpaca sounds very yummy.

Southern Girl said...

Can't wait until I move back to the area to take advantage of the classes. I visit the area about 4 times a year, w/ plans on retiring there very soon. Maybe I can take a class on my next trip.