Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Summer Yarn Camp

Do you remember summer camp? I do and it was fun!

Get ready for summer camp at Knit Picky. Our planning is almost complete. I wanted to give you a heads up on our ideas so far. Yarn Camp will run from Monday through Friday from 10am until 3pm. Ages 8-14 are invited to attend. Exact dates and cost to be determined in the next week.

Campers will have a morning session with a different focus each day: dyeing their own yarn, spinning unique fibers, wet felting and dry felting. We will take advantage of our wonderful side yard and shade tree! After lunch, the kids will take a crochet class, break for exercise, then a knitting class. Before you know it, the will have created a project using their individually dyed yarn. FUN!

Be thinking about kids you may know who would enjoy this camp. I want our Knit Picky customers to have first dibs on the spaces before advertising to the public.


Anonymous said...

Can we have a version for adults? Please!

Laura said...

Everything we are teaching the kids we will also be offering as adult classes or workshops this spring and summer. Make sure to vote for the classes you are interested in (click on the "cast your vote" icon under the "Spring Class Ideas" post).

Ladydi said...

I could sure use a summer camp. I need all the help I can get.

Annatiques said...

I want to come to summer camp Yarn. That is when I can learn to make my Christmas stocking! YOU know it will take that long for me to finish it.