Thursday, December 22, 2011

Miss Margie's New Adventure

I have some news...and I'm really trying to be positive but it's hard. Margie is leaving us the end of December. Waaaaaa!!!! She and her husband have a new opportunity so they are moving to Texas. I'm grateful to her and already missing her but I'm trying to be okay and wish her the very best. :)

Visit Knit Picky and tell Margie how much you're going to miss her, too!
Think we could start a petition to get her to change her mind!?!

Love & hugs Margie girl!! Wishing you success and happiness among the Texas cowboys.


Champagne'sCrushParty said...


Champagne'sCrushParty said...

picture me with fingers in my ears, "lalalallalallalalalalaalllalalala"