Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Knitty is up....and the word is Zauberball

I am intrigued with the Zauberball.  Many customers have purchased these colorful balls to use  decoratively in a coffee table bowl.  I agree....they are lovely.  And today, the new Knitty popped up in my email....whoo hoo....that's always fun, right? And what do you know.....a Zauberball pattern!

The retro design reminds me of the cozy afghans crocheted by my grandmothers. The classic neutral shade caught my eye but I imagine it would be equally impressive in a bold colorway, too, or maybe a soft spring palette.  I am currently creating my own infinity scarf pattern with a Zauberball and having fun watching the color changes.  My pattern is a much less intricate pattern, intended for easy knitting while watching the playoffs with my hubby.  So far, so good!

Either pattern in mind, you've got to admit this yarn is a keeper and it's a fun word to say.  Go ahead, say it....Zauberball!

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