Saturday, August 15, 2009

So long sweet Sky Birdie

Sky Birdie passed away yesterday, August 14, 2009.

As most of you know, she's been our shop bird since we opened the store in June 2006. When Sky was a "tween" she was a gift to Melissa during her senior year of high school in 2003. When Melissa left for collage, Sky took up residence with my mom. Then mom began pet sitting a lot and needed a new place for Sky. She brought her to the shop one day and told me, "A bird brings good luck to a new business". Where she got that bit of wisdom, I have no idea...maybe in a fortune cookie?

But she was right...Sky was the ever cheerful, optimistic greeter of new customers, new friends, knitters and crocheters alike. She was always a topic of conversation for anyone new to Knit Picky. Even the yarn campers loved Sky and as they put name tags on themselves they stuck one to Sky's cage, too. Sometimes quiet and sometimes loud, Sky Birdie kept up with the social activities going on around her.

Last Saturday, Sky quit using her right leg and despite our best bird-nursing care, she didn't make it. I'll miss her. I already do. Especially during the quiet moments in the shop. Today Steve buried her in the back yard of the shop just behind the bluebird and beside the big ceramic chicken and chicks. So when you look out and see the antique yard art pieces, you can smile knowing Sky had a great life as our LYS pet. How many birds can claim that?!


Gena said...

Oh no! I'm sorry about Sky Birdie, and I'll miss hearing the sweet chirping when I come and visit.

Clara said...

I too will miss Sky Birdie and I hope that we can keep you company with our "get-togethers" to help with your loss.

vicky said...

I am so sorry about Sky Bird but at least she has a nice resting place at Knit Picky.

Knit Picky said...

Thanks for the kind comments. You guys are the best. Just promise to come in often and talk (chirp) a lot!! Gina...that means you'll need a trip to NC which we would love.


Julianna said...

That's so sad!! Sky Bird always made me laugh, especially when she went on one of her chirping tangents. She will be missed. :(

Gloria said...

Just now reading your blog....I am so sad to hear about Sky Birdie. She truly brought nice music to my ears. I will miss her.