Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let's Fall in Love

Steve and I will celebrate our 27th anniversary this July 17th! So I planned a surprise for Steve. This past Friday night, Steve and I went to see the one person in this world that he adores (other than me!) in concert. Diana Krall appeared at The Peace Center in Greenville, SC and we were not disappointed. From the time Diana glided onto the stage until she finished up her encore performance, we were mesmerized. Her beauty is surpassed only by her touch on the piano and her sultry voice. When playing and singing she often changes from a quiet whisper to a bold, bar room sound that keeps you fully engaged. Between songs, she'd be laughing and talking about the antics of her two year old twin boys and her husband, Elvis Costello.

A few times, I looked over at Steve and thought I might have to pinch him. Last year, around my birthday, Steve took me to see my "one and only" - Harry Connick, Jr.. So now we've both had our big dates with our musical crushes and we'll talk about it for months and years to come. If you ever have a chance to see Diana, or Harry, make a point to do it. You'll be enchanted!

Did I get much knitting done on our one night to Greenville? Nope but that's okay....I did find myself wishing I had snagged the black BeSweet wrap with the Ostrich trim to wear to the concert. Then I just decided I needed one of my own. So I didn't knit but my knitting wheels were spinning.

The Black Be Sweet/Ostrich Feather wrap is one of the many in the shop from Be Sweet. The Trunk Show is HERE for Be Sweet Bags & Yarn. Stop in now until July 25th to see the show!


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