Friday, March 6, 2009

Knit Picky's Snow Madam

Hooray for the beautiful snow! This time it happened as we all waited and watched the downpour of rain and wondered if it would really change over to snow....and it did. As I swept off the front walkway at the shop, I scooped up some handfuls of snow and made a mini snowman (or madam). I plucked a gauge swatch from one of our baskets, ruched the edges (don't you love that word?) and made a tiny beret. Pulled off a smidgen of red roving and viola...she was ready to greet the yarn lovers!

Zoey was enchanted with the March snow. This was her first as she turned 3 years old in January and our last big snow was, well...I can't recall. Anyway, she romped and ran only stopping long enough to lick the fluff and off she went again.

And now I'm ready for spring!


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