Sunday, August 3, 2008

Classes starting this week....

Tiffany's knitted her Hemlock Ring Blanket as a wedding gift and it has been on display in the shop while being blocked. People who saw it stopped in their tracks and stared. It took their breath away. She joked that it looked like a jellyfish before we blocked it (and it kinda did)! But!

Tiffany starts her class on the Hemlock this coming Tuesday, August 5th. Click for dates/times.

If you're up for something a little smaller, check out KnitPicky/Marette's Original Design ~ The Floating Gems necklace. This class also starts August 5th. Knitting with wire is fun and creates a unique piece of jewelry that looks like a million bucks! Perfect for a gift but you'll need two (one to give, one to keep)!

Our Friday night knitting class in August is on the 8th and features the Swallow Hill Beaded Scarf. Several of you have this kit and we're offering a 'how to get started' session with tips and tricks. As you know, this scarf is jewel-like and will be a beautiful accessory for any holiday party or special event.

Check out our list of August classes for your very own back to school fun! Click to see Knit Picky's class schedule.
To register, use the online form on the website, call us at 768-5599 and you may leave a message, email us at, or come by the shop.

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