Saturday, June 7, 2008

Celebrities at Market

What a day! We've each been starstruck by different knitting celebrities. We're pretending to be best friends. Jo and Louisa, Belva and Cat, Susan and Lily....first name basis!

Today we scanned the yarn market floor and made several terrific purchases for the shop. We are yarn drunk with excitement!! Can't wait for you guys to see the goods which are scheduled to arrive in July, August and September.

Here we are...proud as punch with our new found friends!

Louisa Harding taught a fun and creative class on knitting a summer bag.

Belva, Cat Bordhi and me returning from our luncheon with guest speaker....Stephanie Pearl McPhee!! What a fun girl she is!!

Jo and Melissa Leapman, aka queen of cables, talking together after a clever reversible scarf class.

Last AND least is Maria....visiting shop dog for Knitter's Mercantile here in Columbus. Had to check out the LYS you know!
Now we're off to plan our strategy for tomorrow. By the way....Martini Man still works at the restaurant/bar that Ann Marie and I visited last year. Ann Marie.... he's still pretty cute!

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