Monday, May 5, 2008

Beading Class

This past Saturday, I rolled out of bed, had my two cups of coffee and went to the shop on my day off (I love that little shop!) I wanted to take the Knitting with Beads class and knew we had 2 openings. So I did and had a ball! Zana is one of the most creative ladies I know and she's an excellent instructor. Three other fun girls and I learned the beading technique and laughed at how long it took us to string our beads. Instead of choosing random beads, like Zana suggested, we each were thinking too long and hard about choosing just the right, minuscule bead. Enough!! Just pick the beads and go!! I like my golden bracelet but you should see the others: vivid deep blues and water color greens. Maybe we can get a picture of them, too. Anyway, this was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

Now I gotta try Knitting with Beads and Wire. Kim and Laura have already done it. Overachievers.


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