Thursday, April 10, 2008

Google Maps

I was listening to a podcast by "Its a Purl Man" today and he was talking about Google Maps. How is this knitting related, you ask? Well, LYS are listed on Google Maps and its one of the main ways that new customers find yarn shops. So I immediately headed over to the site to make sure Knit Picky was listed and all the information was correct-- it was. But there are no reviews. So how are prospective customers supposed to know that we are a GOOD yarn shop, not just any ol' shop? If you have had a good experience at Knit Picky, I encourage you to go over to and search for Knit Picky Yarns (that should be enough for the program to find it). When it pops up you should see a link to "Write a Review". I think you need to have a google account to do this. That way, if knitters are visiting from out of town, recently moved to our area or just took up knitting, they will know that Knit Picky is THE place to come for yarn and knitting notions in our area! Thanks!!


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Knit Picky said...

Good idea...I'm going there now. May I post a good review? I'm a little biased!