Saturday, March 1, 2008


Yep, what I thought was eating too much fiber turned out to be acute appendicitis.

My squiggly went bad and had to be removed Thursday night around 10pm. With my troops by my side, I had surgery, went thru recovery and around midnight and was tucked into a private room. Too groggy to knit but too wired from anesthesia to sleep.... I pulled an all nighter with mom in room 2206! I think we got caught up on all of the big issues: politics, religion, health and fitness, drugs and how they do come in handy sometimes. Problems all solved. :)

I got home Friday afternoon and slept like a baby last night. Steve is a great snuggle buddy. The good I.V. is out of my right arm and I can knit again! I am feeling much better and it only hurts when I sit, stand or laugh!!

The doc says I cannot drive for a week-not sure why-so the girls are pulling together at the shop and covering for me. I think I would feel better knitting on the red couch, with people around me, instead of staying home by myself, don't you think? That's what I'm gonna tell Steve next week.

So for now, I'm taking the pain meds as prescribed, resting, avoiding thinking about nausea because it seems like it might be a problem if I go there, and knitting when my I can. I hope to be in tip-top shape for Erin's visit (Mama E) and can't wait for the pajama party!

Oh....I asked Dr. Berger to do a little extra while he was there so here's a picture of my new belly-(Thelma, Louise...don't be jealous)

See ya'll soon!



Ladydi said...

Jo I can't believe what I'm reading here. What in the world girl!? I'm sooo sorry but I'm glad it's over. Let me know if you need anything. WoW what a pic of the new Belly-So are ya going to have your belly button pierced now. I need to see that doc after seeing that pic of your new belly. What a surgeon! Take care and you'll be in my prayers. We will MISS YOU so hurry with the recovery and get back sooooon!!!!!!!!! Are you going to make it to the PJ party on Sat? I'd give you a call but I don't have your number. Call me!

Knit Picky said...

Of course I'll be at the P.J. party...something like a little ole' surgery wouldn't keep me away! Thanks for your well wishes...see you real soon.

Julianna said...

Oh My Gosh, Jo! I'm glad you got it taken care of and that you're okay. I guess the good part about it is you're finally getting some "YOU" time and you can knit :) Hope to see you at Knit Nite! :)

Knit Picky said...

Thanks Jules, I probably won't see you Wed but I'll see you soon!!!