Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Countdown is On...

The end of the year is fast approaching and 2008 is only hours away! Where does the time go? We've just finished a long day at Knit Picky. As with any retail business, inventory is a necessary chore. But as tedious as it was, it was not a chore at all. The team worked hard but laughed a lot, too.

And in the end, we were tired, yarn drunk and silly.

Ann Marie walked by, "Be sure the Beadles are right". Sitting on the floor, Kim said, "I like the Beatles...some of their stuff". I thought, "what??". In the far corner, Laura replied, "I've never knit with the Beadles....... but I'd like to have them on my coffee table. Kim looked up....WHAT?? her confused look was priceless! I lost it as I pictured a tiny Ringo Starr in a vase on Laura's coffee table! It was our spaghetti junction of tired conversation! And no wine today, I promise.

As I entered numbers over and over, I daydreamed about the new yarn arriving in January. Imagine Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn....462 yds of sock yarn dyed in those amazing colorways we've all come to adore. Sublime has a new, soft organic cotton in beautiful, new colors (arriving in January). Silk Garden, one of our best sellers, is being delivered in "lite" weight version and has terrific pattern support just in time for cool spring days.

Now that Laura's back in town we'll soon be getting some new yummies from Unique Sheep. And, of course, Erin...Mama busy dying some originals to bring with her on her visit to the shop. She'll reveal these new colorways dyed especially for Knit Picky customers!! And, she'll need your help naming the few that will become standards in her cEYEber Fiber Line!

Remember, each workshop participant gets first dibs on the new yarns & goodies that Mama E unveils during her visit!

So tonight I rest so I'll have enough energy to watch the ball drop tomorrow night. Family party at my house....margaritas as we wind down.....strong coffee around 9:30 to help us keep our eyes open to see the big event. Who says life in your 40's aren't rip, roarin' good times??!!



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Elke said...

You know, Paul (I think) got shrunk in the movie Help! Too bad the other Beatles didn't think to display him in a decorative vase.