Monday, July 2, 2007

Aaahh...the Lazy Days of Summer

We're taking the holiday off this week along with a couple extra days! The shop is closed Tuesday, July 3rd and Wednesday, July 4th and opens back up on July 5th...full swing ahead with our first Yarn Camp starting July 9th!! And don't forget our lauch party for Painted Sheep on July 14th, all day long!

I thought it would be a nice time for us to take a break and enjoy some family time and KNIT!! As you know, lately I've been consumed with learning this new business of mine and not much knitting. But hey, life in the yarn shop is all I dreamed it would be and MORE! Now for my holiday, I'm celebrating Independence Day with 100% cotton Ty-Dy yarn and lightning fast Addi Turbo's!! What are you knitting this 4th of July week???

This past week we got in some...
  • Berroco
  • Sunbelt Fasteners purse handles
  • Antique brass feet and magnetic closures for felted bags
  • Books - Including Great American Aran Afghan (look for this montly class to start in August)
  • More patterns for our new Naturally lace weight yarn
  • Wendy DK cotton supreme in new colors (beautiful for washcloths) and the lace bath cloth pattern many of you have requested.

    Knit Night continues to be GREAT FUN! I am so pleased that the summer months have not shown much signs of slowing down. Maybe I should be grateful for the unusually hot temperatures and the air conditioned yarn lounge! I want to thank you guys for using yarns from the shop or patterns from the shop. It really helps to show all of us at Knit Night how certain yarns look "knitted up" or how a pattern may be working out (or not). Anyway, I really appreciate your enthusiasm in promoting Knit Picky products!!

    Just got an email today saying Cherry Tree Hill (or Crack Tree Hill as they called it at market) was set for delivery on July 6th. Whooo Hoooo!

    We'll, that's about all for now. Just gave hugs and kisses to Steve's family as I swooshed them out the door after a weekend visit from Chattanooga. Time to knit!

    Happy 4th of July and I'll see you soon!

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