Sunday, March 11, 2007

Think Green!

I'm still thinking green! Our St. Patrick's Day sale is Saturday, March 17th. My first wedding appearance in quite a while is on that same day. My birthday pops up on March 19th and suddenly I get a great recycle idea!

First, check out our anything green sale, 20% off on March 17th! We might help you out if your basket is missing something green but we won't guarantee not to pinch.

Next, my husband and I are in his baby sister's wedding. I am 40-something and the other 6 bridesmaids are 20-something. I am biologically old enough to be their mother but I'm sure none of them see me as a motherly figure. Picture this....champagne colored strapless dresses, elegant high heels, taught flat tummies. Sounds like a perfect group of ladies to me so why do I keep picturing Lucille Ball going down the aisle tripping on her champagne dress, quickly grasping the neckline to keep it where it should be, and balancing on those tiny, kitten heels? While you are having fun at our St.Patrick's Day sale, think of me and keep your fingers crossed. I'm hoping The Luck of The Irish will be with me!

Now, for my "green" idea which originated by one terrific customer: recycle our Knit Picky bags. Many of you tell me you love our bags and I do, too! They make great project bags, they are good for packing a lunch, and they make fun cat toys. But they are plastic and we are aware of the need to be mindful of our environment. So, here's the deal....Keep a Knit Picky bag in your car. Bring in a recycled bag to use for your purchase and received 1% off your purchase. Whoo Hoo! You'll save a little change but more importantly, you'll be keeping "things green" and your closet won't look like a satellite branch of Knit Picky. Now if you are a collector, like myself, you are always welcome to another bag (or two)!!

Happy knitting during this month of GREEN!


Juli said...

Great idea, Jo! And I'm sure you won't pull a Lucille Ball and fall down :)

.: tani :. said...

have fun at the wedding!

it was nice meeting you last week (my fiance and i visited the shop before heading out to the skate board park). i had such a great time in winston salem, visiting knit picky was the highlight, though! i blogged a little review of your store if you are interested

hopefully our paths cross again! (perhaps at market/knitter's connection?)

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your blog and your description of the bridesmaids, especially Lucy. You must know one of the secrets of happiness is learning to laugh at yourself. You made an A+ on that. I hope some of that rubs off on me.